Today, we at Marie-Vincent would like to mark a special anniversary and pay tribute to the exceptional contribution of Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin. She has helped us raise public awareness and foster greater support for young victims of sexual violence as our spokesperson for seven wonderful years.

We want to highlight Mélissa’s commitment and courage as she consistently advocates for the young victims we support at Marie-Vincent. We can’t even begin to do justice to the impact and significance of her speaking up on their behalf. Seven years ago, we wished upon a star… and there she was! We are so very grateful for everything she’s done for Marie-Vincent.

Mélissa is a caring and deeply committed spokesperson for Marie-Vincent. Our team owes much to her, but every little Marie and every little Vincent have also been tremendously lucky to be able to rely on her these past seven years. Thanks to Mélissa, more people know about our mission and that helps us provide better support for young victims of sexual violence. It is a great honour and tremendous pleasure to work at her side as we build a community that protects our children!

Wholehearted commitment

Since 2015, Mélissa has been a formidable ambassador for young victims of sexual violence. Her commitment to our common cause goes far beyond the traditional role of a spokesperson. She never misses an opportunity to talk about Marie-Vincent in the media or to share information on her social media accounts, and she is always actively involved in the Foundation’s fundraising activities.

Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin was undoubtedly instrumental in the success of the Overcoming the unimaginable to rediscover hope campaign launched in the fall of 2021. She brought in no fewer than 11 artists who took part in three video clips which helped raise awareness about sexual violence.

For the past seven years, this actress has shown a deep commitment toward building a protective community around young people and raising public awareness across Québec about the impact of sexual violence on children and teenagers, as well as the importance of helping victims and the role prevention can play.