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The Marie-Vincent Foundation supports children and teenagers victim of sexual violence by providing the services they need, in collaboration with our partners, under one roof.

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65% of children supported by the Marie-Vincent Foundation are victims of severe sexual abuse, despite their young age. Sexual abuse involves more than one occurrence for close to 80% of children.

36% | 16%

36% of teenage girls and 16% of teenage boys report having been asked for a naked or sexually suggestive photo of themselves.

Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin Spokesperson for the Marie-Vincent Foundation

Help us build a protective community, free of violence against children and teenagers.”

Marie-Vincent helps prevent violence by focusing on education and raising awareness, and by helping children with problematic sexual behaviours.

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In collaboration with our partners, the Marie-Vincent Foundation supports children and adolescents victim of sexual violence by providing the services they need under one roof.

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Timely access to services through funding to hire and retain professionals.

Impact: Reduce the consequences of violence in the lives of young people and allow them the opportunity to grow and develop to their full potential.

Statistics on sexual violence

Thanks to Marie-Vincent Interuniversity Research Chair, the Foundation has developed an expertise in sexual violence.


Portrait of the young victims at Marie-Vincent:

Thanks to the generosity of our media partners, this advertisement will be broadcasted on various Québec networks in the fall and spring. Our thanks to CBC & Radio-Canada Solutions Média and Bell Media for giving us the opportunity to share our mission: create a protective community for young people and better address violence against children and teenagers.