The Philanthropic Vision

Vision and mission of the Philanthropic Development department at Marie-Vincent

Marie-Vincent’s philanthropic activities are dedicated to mobilizing financial resources and agents of change. Through fundraising campaigns and benefit events, our team plays an essential role in the economic viability of our services. The philanthropy team works hard to build lasting relationships with donors and raise awareness of Marie-Vincent’s mission to create a protective community and support children and teens who are victims of sexual violence.

The Philanthropic Development team: four people in various roles supporting our donors

The Philanthropic Development team is responsible for all activities relating to the loyalty and recognition of current generous donors and solicitations of potential donors. The team is also accountable for actions taken in fundraising campaigns, events organized by a member of its strong community, and fundraising events that support the cause. The department also works with the various committees of ambassadors who are committed to Marie-Vincent’s mission.

To join the team, please get in touch with Émilie Dumas, Director of Philanthropic Development:


Phone: 514 285-0505 ext. 337

For every Marie and every Vincent, let’s give.

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