Marie-Vincent Foundation dreams of a world without violence toward children and adolescents.

Our dream

All children deserve to be happy and healthy, to grow and thrive and reach their full potential.

We believe in prevention, education, and awareness-raising for children, adolescents, parents and the general population. We advocate for egalitarian and harmonious relationships.

No child should be subjected to violence. No child should have to live with the serious psychological, physical, familial, academic and social consequences it inflicts.

As long as there are young victims of sexual or physical violence, we will be there to support and help them overcome their ordeals with specialized, effective and personalized services. By sharing our expertise with partners and the community, together we can provide better services everywhere in Québec.

We intend to become the voice for young children and adolescents who are victims of sexual or physical violence. We believe that by rallying the entire population to the cause, we can have a beneficial influence on our children’s lives.

Our vision

To build a protective community and provide unifying leadership in Québec in the fight to end violence against children and adolescents.

For every Marie and every Vincent, let’s give.

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