Terms and Conditions

You have decided to organize a fundraiser to benefit the Marie-Vincent Foundation. Thank you!

  • It is understood and agreed that all events must be approved in advance by the Marie-Vincent Foundation. No project can take place without the consent of the Foundation. Project approval is limited to the duration thereof. A new application must be sent for each subsequent edition.
  • The Foundation will not advance funds and will not provide staff for the project and is not responsible for the project or the commitments made by those responsible for the event.
  • Any communications tool, advertising or promotional material must be approved by the Foundation before its production or distribution, as must any use of its name or logo.
  • The activity will be held in accordance with applicable laws and must not affect the reputation of the Marie-Vincent Foundation.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to revoke its approval of the activity at any time.
  • No door-to-door activity is allowed.
  • The proceeds of the activity must be submitted no later than 30 days after the holding thereof, with any information relating to the issuance of receipts for tax purposes, and a balance sheet of the event.
  • The Foundation will be compensated for any loss, liability, claims, lawsuits and damages, including defense costs, if any, incurred in connection with the event. Individuals with a legal record related to the sexual abuse of children are prohibited from organizing events.

For every Marie and every Vincent, let’s give.

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