The sexual violence prevention tools are almost all ready! They will soon be sent to childcare centres, community organizations and schools in the communities of Longueuil and Saint-Rémi in Montérégie, and Côte-des-Neiges, Parc-Extension and Lachine in Montréal, that participate in the pilot project. All workers will be trained on how to properly use these tools, intervene and answer children’s questions.

Books for toddlers

The three books for toddlers are now printed! They aim to convey basic notions about gender equality and self-protection skills.

You as me is intended for children aged from birth to 2 years. This picture book shows that babies are all alike, regardless of gender. They have similar needs and can share the same emotions and interests.

Milo’s Boundaries aims to help children understand interpersonal and intimate boundaries through Miro’s story. One day, everyone Miro meets wants to give him a cuddle, a kiss or a hug. He doesn’t want them but he doesn’t know how to say it.

Marvin Disappeared is a book that makes us reflect on gender equality relations through the story of Justine, who is looking for her lost bear, Marvin.

Videos for adults

In addition to these books, five short videos have been produced for parents and all adults who interact with young children. They aim to demonstrate to adults that, through simple daily acts, they are educating children about sexuality and gender equality, which, in the longer term, helps prevent sexual violence.

A game for daycares

Sexual violence is often presented to young children as a game by abusers. “Marvin, what should we play?” helps toddlers understand that no game should include private parts. The game teaches children to recognize actions that should not be part of a game and to develop self-protection skills against sexual violence.

Tools for workers

To educate children, caregivers and community organization workers will receive training, a booklet to facilitate workshops with children and a guide.

Tools for Indigenous communities

Tools are also being developed for Indigenous communities: videos for parents and caregivers, a children’s game and book, a guide and training courses for stakeholders will be available. They will be offered in early-childhood centres, family organizations and health and social services centres in Manawan, Wemotaci, La Tuque and Natashquan beginning in March 2019.

Official launch!

All these tools will be available in a new Prevention section of our website in May 2019!