Marie-Vincent Foundation plays a role in preventing sexual violence by targeting children, adolescents, parents, professionals and the general public.

All children deserve to live a happy life, to have a healthy development, to grow and reach their full potential.

We believe in prevention, education and awareness-raising for children, teenagers, parents and the general public. We focus on egalitarian relationships between girls and boys and harmonious relationships between children of all ages and adults. No child, regardless of sex, age, culture or origin, should be subjected to sexual violence.

No child should have to live with the severe psychological, physical, familial, academic and social consequences of sexual violence.

Our Projects

Education about healthy sexuality and egalitarian relationships

Funded by Avenir d’enfants, this project believes in the importance of starting sexuality education early in children’s lives. It aims to determine the most promising preventive practices to protect our youngest children, particularly by developing educational material and strategies tailored to their developmental stage. In the aim of increasing protective factors for our youngest, the project works with kids’ loved ones and people working in the preschool sector:

  • Children age five and under;
  • Parents as front-line actors in child development;
  • Extended families;
  • Community workers
  • Workers in day-cares and preschool education networks;
  • Workers in the health and social services network.

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No to sexual cyberviolence for our young people

NON à la cyberviolence sexuelle pour nos jeunes (No to sexual cyberviolence for our young people), aims to raise awareness among high school youth, school principals, teachers, professionals and parents about the issue of online sexual violence. In collaboration with teens from schools in Laval, Montérégie and Montréal, we are building promising prevention strategies.

For every Marie and every Vincent, let’s give.

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