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You can now purchase your very own Marvin, slowly made here in Québec! And why choose March 4 as our launch date? Because it coincides with the National Day Against the Sexual Exploitation of Minors. If you would like to help support young victims of sexual violence, you can purchase a Marvin teddy today! Marvin has great significance for the young victims we support at Marie-Vincent. On their very first visit at our centre, they are all gifted their very own. This little teddy provides much needed comfort, solace and hope to every single child! Support our cause: each Marvin costs $40, with proceeds going directly to Marie-Vincent.

Intelcom’s generosity

Operation Marvin is made possible thanks to the collaboration of Marie-Vincent’s delivery partner, Intelcom! This carrier will deliver every Marvin teddy—free of charge!

We are very fortunate to be able to rely on this company’s great generosity to deliver every newly purchased teddy. Intelcom believes that it is only natural to lend its resources to help support a foundation with a noble cause and strong values. This is an extraordinary collaboration—from Marvin’s creation up to his delivery! We are very proud that our Marvin is slowly made here in Québec and delivered by a Montréal-based business.

Thanks to Intelcom, each Marvin delivery helps build a protective community.

A wonderful collaboration with raplapla

This company creates cuddly toys and hopes to help build a protective and reassuring community for our kids, just like Marie-Vincent… Our new Marvin, Marie-Vincent’s comfort teddy, was created at raplapla. This Montréal-based sewing workshop, and hospital for fabric companions, opened its doors in 2009. raplapla helps put big happy smiles on children’s faces—little wonder that Marie-Vincent decided to collaborate with them to create their Marvin teddies. At raplapla, bringing happiness and solace to children and young people is something they love and cherish, and their entire team works hard to make that happen. The teddies are slowly made by hand with high-quality materials that are safe for children.

Through this collaboration with raplapla, each Marvin is created to foster children’s well-being and helps build a protective community!

Purchase your own! Together, we have the power to change things.

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