With World Children’s Day just around the corner, it gives us great pleasure to announce that we have received a grant from “Bell Let’s Talk”! The mental health of our young people is of great importance to us, as is it for Bell, given that 40% of the children victim of sexual violence supported by Marie-Vincent report having post-traumatic stress symptoms.


Thanks to this generous contribution, we will be able to set up group therapies for children and teenagers victim of sexual violence. Led by a psychotherapist and a psychosocial caseworker, these groups will allow us to see more children sooner and thereby provide better access to our services.


The Marie-Vincent Interuniversity Research Chair in Child Sexual Abuse has shown that children have higher self-esteem and experience fewer symptoms of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress or guilt after individual treatments, and we are confident that group therapy will be as successful.


Bell and the Marie-Vincent Foundation are working together to build a protective community, free of sexual violence, for the mental health of our children.