This evening, held on March 30 at Arsenal, has quickly become a Montreal highlight.

Marvin on the Rock stars business leaders who, with no musical experience, get on stage and give an unforgettable musical performance. They experience the stress, the fear of the unknown… and leave the stage completely transformed. It’s a nod to the courage shown by young victims of sexual violence when they break their silence.

 Ten corporate teams tackled the challenge:

  • XPND Capital and Mishmash (Dominic Bécotte, Eric Albert, Alexandre Taillefer, Claude Larivée, Pascal Lefebvre, Louis-David Loyer)
  • Boyden and Lightspeed (Roger Duguay and JP Chauvet)
  • Deloitte (Pierre Laporte, Judith Bellehumeur, Joanie Maheux, Angela Nashed, Elana Quaye, Lea Skaf)
  • Entrepreneur Capital (Eric Doyon and André La Forge)
  • Espace CDPQ (Nicolas-Jacques Bouchard, Normand Chartrand, David Dufresne, Sophie Forest, Édouard Gaussen, Éléonore Jarry, Jean-François Marcoux, Michael McGraw, Mathieu Provost, Audrey Somé)
  • Fasken Martineau (Caitlin Rose and Meryl Macleod)
  • Marie-Vincent Foundation (Sophie Bousquet, Myriam Day-Asselin, Annie Fournier, Marie-Josée Lafontaine, Evelyne Massicotte, Laurence Massicotte, Catherine Sansfaçon)
  • Power Corporation (Paul Desmarais III, Mary Dailey Desmarais, Stephanie Choo,
  • Real Ventures (Jean-Sébastien Cournoyer)
  • SAS (Sylvie Taché, Antoni Dzieciolowski, Emma Bédard, Véronique Bilodeau, Adriane Provost)