June 28 marked the inaugural edition of Rire pour Marvin. The event, where live comedy and networking join forces, was hosted by the Young Leaders Circle and held at the Cabaret Lion d’Or.

Over a hundred participants from some 20 businesses accepted our invitation and helped us celebrate the end of health restrictions. Things were already off to a great start on that lovely summer evening but comedian and host Antoine Durocher really fired up the crowd. No doubt about it, it was an outstanding and exciting event! Many thanks to our generous host Antoine for his infectious enthusiasm, and his remarkable knack for setting things up perfectly for the up-and-coming comedians he had at his side. Our thanks to Suzie Bouchard, Brian Piton and Charles-Olivier Saint-Cyr for their high-spirited performances. The many different numbers and distinctively unique styles livened up this networking cocktail.

$6,500 were raised during this event’s very first edition, thanks in part to Marvin teddy sales and a very popular fifty-fifty draw: over 100 tickets were sold!

Our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors Canva Group and Ninety Two.

This evening would not have been possible without the hard work of our volunteers and the Marie-Vincent team. Thank you!