Fundraising Campaign

To help more young people in Québec

Since the emergence of the #metoo movement in Québec in the fall of 2017, Marie-Vincent has witnessed a considerable increase in demand for services. The number of sexual abuse cases reported to the Director of Child Protection has also risen steadily. Both trends have had a significant impact on the availability of our services. Furthermore, the pandemic has forced us to cancel fundraising events that would normally fund a large portion of services for young victims.

Consequently, Marie-Vincent Foundation is embarking on an ambitious three-year fundraising campaign to raise $ 9.5 million to help more young people in Québec.

The funds will be used in support of our mission and for four important projects.

Mark Mulroney, a member of our major fundraising campaign cabinet, has a message for you!

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For every Marie and every Vincent, let’s give.

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