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Marie-Vincent Foundation is embarking on an ambitious three-year fundraising campaign to raise $ 9.5 million to help more young people in Québec.

The funds will be used in support of our mission and for four important projects.

1. Expanding access to our services

The number of young people reporting incidents of sexual violence is on the rise, and the needs for treatment are growing. In 2019-2020, Québec’s Youth Protection agency recorded close to 4,400 reports of abuse or serious risk of sexual abuse – an increase of 6% over the previous year.

At Marie-Vincent, the waiting list is constantly growing longer, now standing at more than 500 youth who will be forced to wait an average of two years for services they need. 

We want to help more children and adolescents, but we also want to recruit more professionals to ensure that our young clients receive services in a timely manner. By improving sustainable access to our services, our aim is to enhance and diversify the range of available services and provide a more rapid and better-adapted response to the needs of youth and their families.


Children and adolescents will gain faster access to the services they need.

This will help reduce the impacts of violence on their lives and give them a chance to grow, thrive and reach their full potential.

$ 1,150,000

To hire and retain professionals.

2. Open a second Child Advocacy Centre outside of Montréal

Approximately 30% of the children waiting for treatment from Marie-Vincent live in the Montérégie region.

If we are to effectively help more young people and facilitate access to our services, we see a need for a second centre, in Montérégie, where financial and clinical partners are already established.

Like Montréal, the aim is to make children our top priority by offering the services – police, medical, psychosocial and therapeutic – that families need, under one roof.


Opening a second Child Advocacy Centre will enable us to help more young victims in their immediate area.


$ 2,400,000

To fund services to youth and families, infrastructure, equipment, technology and personnel recruitment.

3. Provide services to young victims of physical violence

Marie-Vincent Foundation assists young victims of sexual violence. We know, however, that there is a significant need for services to help young victims of physical abuse.

In the last year alone, close to 14,000 reports of physical abuse and serious risk of abuse were registered in Québec by the Director of Youth Protection. This is the second most prevalent reason for retention of reports.

Despite the situation, very few specialized treatment options are available to those young victims.

With that in mind, we envision first launching a pilot project in Montérégie to broaden the scope of the Foundation’s services and include help for children and adolescents who are victims of physical violence, knowing that the treatments we are currently providing to young people who’ve been subjected to sexual violence will be just as helpful to victims of other kinds of abuse.


Young victims of physical violence in Montérégie will be able to receive the help they need to surmount their ordeals and reach their full potential.

$ 300,000

To fund the development of a range of services.

4. Support research into sexual violence

For the past 15 years, Marie-Vincent Foundation has supported the Marie-Vincent Interuniversity Research Chair, which was created to develop advanced expertise in Québec in the areas of prevention, screening and intervention for children and adolescent victims of sexual violence.

Committed to following best practices and evidence, the Chair contributes to the development, assessment and enhancement of services provided by Marie-Vincent.

As a result of the work carried out by the Chair, the Fondation offers specialized services at the forefront of scientific knowledge for young victims and their families. Following treatment, the Chair has shown that treatment dispensed to young victims has led to:

  • improved self-esteem;
  • fewer symptoms of anxiety;
  • fewer symptoms of depression;
  • fewer symptoms of post-traumatic stress;
  • reduced feelings of guilt.


Ongoing research carried out by the Chair will strengthen the position of Marie-Vincent Foundation as a leader in prevention and treatment of young victims of sexual violence and thus ensure the delivery of top-quality therapeutic services tailored to their needs.

$ 345,000 over 3 years

To fund research.

For every Marie and every Vincent, let’s give.

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