The Chamandy Foundation, established in 2015, is a private family foundation dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth in their living environments and communities, The foundation’s mission is to make a lasting, positive impact on society by actively funding organizations working to build a brighter future for the next generations. The Chamandy Foundation is founded on four financial pillars: physical and mental wellbeing; safe housing; quality education; and the development of caring communities. Combatting sexual violence is a top priority.

In our conversation with Floriane Lemoine-Bothello, Strategy and Grants Manager for the Chamandy Foundation, a distinct philosophy founded on a needs-driven approach to communities clearly emerged:

“Our aim is to adapt to the needs within the community, rather than impose our way of doing things. This consultative process made it clear that multi-year funding is important to NPOs, enabling them to focus on their mission rather than spending a great deal of time and energy on fundraising.”

Mrs. Lemoine-Bothello went on to emphasize the significant impact of the support provided by the Chamandy Foundation to Marie-Vincent while expressing her appreciation for that foundation’s work:

“Marie-Vincent’s expertise and passion impressed us right from the start. We know that our partnership has and will continue to enable their foundation to implement and consolidate recent development plans, such as the new centre in Montérégie and the expansion of the centre in Montreal.”

She also shared her hope that Marie-Vincent will continue to have its ongoing needs for resources met to prevent sexual violence against children and adolescents, while providing them with holistic and empathetic support. And lastly, Ms Lemoine-Bothello pointed out our common aspiration:

“Our fondest dream for Marie-Vincent is best expressed in your words: that young people who have been through the unimaginable will find hope again!”

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Chamandy Foundation for its unwavering commitment to Marie-Vincent, which serves as a genuine catalyst in the achievement of our objectives. Their generosity strengthens our shared desire to protect our most precious asset for years to come: our youth.

Thank you!